Sunday, March 18, 2012

The six perfections

Perfectly give up belief in any true existence1,
       There is no other generosity.

Perfectly give up guile and deceit2,
       There is no other discipline.

Perfectly transcend all fear of the true meaning3,
       There is no other patience.

Perfectly remain inseperable from the practice4,
       There is no other diligence.

Perfectly stay in the natural flow5,
       There is no other concentration.

Perfectly realize the natural state6,
       There is no other wisdom.

Milarepa, from: Words of My Perfect Teacher, p. 253

[1] Nothing is ever fixed.
[2] I don't have to prove anything.
[3] No amount of hope and fear should ever be more important than how things simply are, including the states of hope and fear themselves.
[4] Real practice is no contrived effort but opening to the present blessings of the Lama.
[5] So it's not so much about doing as about not doing.
[6] Is it even really possible to deviate from the natural state?

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