Sunday, October 5, 2014

Exactly unlike crystal

a lady walks by
at seven thirty
every day

she's dressed in shades of sun bleached lichen
carrying a plastic shopping bag

her styrofoam bright hairdo
despite the morning breeze

everything so arbitrary
but incredibly precise
-in almost every way
it's exactly unlike crystal

life spills
from the magpies’ chatter
as the morning lady turns the corner
into other streets

it soaks the early autumn
of my skin and bones
watching from their concrete box
stiff from slightly overthinking

it all depends on everything
and in the end?
-but nothing ever ends

man there ain’t even a beginning

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Showers

a spider's waiting out
the summer showers
in the corner of the window

though I have nothing to wait for today
still -out of habit
and a deference to nature-
I too will watch the raindrops smash apart
from behind my book and coffee

it turns the street
into an asphalt mirror
reflecting the first blue bits of sky

much later
when I do not sleep

the rolling thunder

Friday, July 11, 2014

Remembering Shamar Rinpoche

Rinpoche, when I saw you, many years ago
you said - expressing everything
in three languages and four simple words- :
“rangsem dharmakaya, one space.”

Our own mind and the mind of Buddha,
your mind, all-pervading, uncontrived,
not bound in suffering or stuck in peace,
are one space - from which everything arises.

Our good fortune to be with you has ended,
but - as if a giant bell was struck -
your last teaching of impermanence
rings deeply in our bones and hearts.

May we defeat dull laziness, Rinpoche,
and give rise to heart-felt bodhichitta,
Rinpoche, please return to guide us!
Om Guru Dharmamati Hum!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


She comes up for air, taking gulps so big they hurt. For a moment, all she feels is the salt stinging in her eyes, deaf to the writhing sea of bodies around her, carrying her on. The light falters. There's no more time. Her muscles seem to tense around her, a silent explosion of colors brighter than anything outside her skin, and then, the music starts again.