Monday, March 23, 2009

Mental graffiti [wk 13]


(Thnx G.)

The Great Zucchini

Een beetje lang maar zóóó de moeite waard: het profiel in de Washinton Post van Eric Knaus (aka The Great Zucchini), idioot getalenteerd goochelaar voor de allerkleinsten & morbide gokverslaafde. Noem me een onverbeterlijk romanticus, maar wat mij betreft is het de proper function van de achtergrondenjournalistiek om de schoonheid en breekbaarheid van mensen te onthullen.

(via Kottke)


Dit effectje (die modelspoorlandschap-look bedoel ik, niet de stop motion) is ook toe te passen op foto's, via websites zoals Deze foto wordt dan zo, bv:

There was once a scholar who spent the night at a mountain temple. In the morning, when he saw the boy of twelve or thirteen who lived there, he said: 'Last night that boy looked like he'd be dead within three days, but today he looks like he might live until he's eighty. To extend your life by seventy years overnight is quite a marvel. What manner of virtue has been aroused within you, what kind of good deed did you do?' he asked. Everyone else in the temple was equally surprised and asked for details too. 'Please, guv'nor,' the boy said, 'I don't remember no good deed. Last night when I went to the outhouse, the floor was so disgusting that it was almost unbearable, even for just a few minutes, but then it occurred to me: I could hardly stand it here even for a moment, but even when my mother had been covered in shit and piss, she hadn't think of it as suffering at all — no, she'd just thought I was more adorable than ever. How could I ever repay such deep love? Well, as a first step, I used my hands to clean the outhouse floor. I don't remember anything else to speak of.' Everyone was very moved by the boy's meritorious deed. Isn't that a great story?
(Suzuki Shosan, via No-Sword)

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