Friday, August 8, 2008

Gendün Rinpoche - A word of advice to meditators

Leave this mind of yours
in its natural state where there is nothing artificial.

In this state, seeing a thought move,
rest on it, relaxed.
In this state, stability will come.

No attachment to stability
no fear of movement,
aware that there is no difference
between stability and movement,
mind arising from mind.

In this state, where there is no grasping, no attachment,
rest natural and relaxed.

In this state, natural reality itself,
the essence of your own mind,
primordial awareness, empty clarity
will arise… and you won't know what to say.

In this state you will settle, suspended and relaxed.

Without grasping at the stability as something,
naturally in place, naturally free ;
without seizing on or rejecting the mind's productions,
please settle…

Huishoudelijk. Voorlopig is dit het laatste berichie: Blinde Schildpad gaat eventjes de hort op. Terwijl ik weg ben wordt nog wel automatiquement een gedicht geplaatst, "De laatste week van het jaar", in drie spetterende afleveringen vol spanning en avontuur.

Dat was't.