Friday, July 11, 2014

Remembering Shamar Rinpoche

Rinpoche, when I saw you, many years ago
you said - expressing everything
in three languages and four simple words- :
“rangsem dharmakaya, one space.”

Our own mind and the mind of Buddha,
your mind, all-pervading, uncontrived,
not bound in suffering or stuck in peace,
are one space - from which everything arises.

Our good fortune to be with you has ended,
but - as if a giant bell was struck -
your last teaching of impermanence
rings deeply in our bones and hearts.

May we defeat dull laziness, Rinpoche,
and give rise to heart-felt bodhichitta,
Rinpoche, please return to guide us!
Om Guru Dharmamati Hum!


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