Saturday, January 5, 2013

Several takes on Saturday

  • a sort of hippie in his thirties, smiling at his girlfriend through crooked teeth
  • a boy, maybe not yet ten, carrying a backpack and a sleeping bag with one arm and a teddy bear under the other
  • an older man with watery pale blue eyes, on the corner of the street leading back into the centre of town, looking a little confused or frightened
  • the lady at the till of the new age book shop, looking sour and hard as usual, wearing a white metal elf with rhinestones on a chain around her neck
  • a boy and his mother holding hands, almost pulling each other from their bikes on the crossing when a car is late to brake
  • a young man in white sneakers and a long black coat, his hair gelled back, swinging a lit cigarette while holding his phone to his ear, not saying anything
  • an older woman in rimless glasses, chewing gum
  • a small girl in a shiny purple coat with fake fur fringes, crying, being carried by her father while her little sister plays hopscotch on the pavement tiles behind them
  • in the train, an unshaven young man in a second hand pea coat, with a home made guitar headstock in a shopping bag and an Android phone
  • an older man with thick hair that's not all grey yet and who came in with a bright yellow tandem bike, occasionally unconsciously grunting to clear his throat

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