Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Greatest Epic Ever Told by Mortal Men

Angry, scratching the wet sand with a stick, he accidently wrote the greatest epic ever told by mortal men.

When the tide rose it wept as it washed the verses from the beach, carefully trying to preserve what letters it could in the hollow of its waves. The wind wailed as it blew the lines away, hurling names and battle scenes into the trees, hoping at least some would get caught on the branches. Crabs and tiny sand fleas scurried away with accents and punctuation, piling them high along the walls of their moist, narrow burrows on the flood line. Algae and seaweed tried filtering all the rhetoric and moral teachings they could from the ground swell and passed them on to the shrimp and the flounders. Seagulls flew far inland, carrying ripped topographies and lists of ships in their beaks, dropping them on isolated monasteries and villages when they got exhausted.

Orpheus in the meantime decided that all that fish was probably not gonna catch itself and if that bitch wanted to disappear so badly, good luck to her.

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