Thursday, January 26, 2012

ACTA: don't make our grandchildren want to travel back in time, please.

to: Members of the European Parliament

Subject: ACTA: don't make our grandchildren want to travel back in time, please.

Dear Euro-Parlementarian,

I write to you regarding ACTA, on which you might soon be voting.

ACTA (and its ilk) proposes it is in the interest of the commonwealth to legislate for the preservation of specific business models, regardless of developments in the technology, cultural infrastructure and market on which those business models depend. I submit to you my humble opinion that this proposition is bat-shit crazy. Furthermore, I would submit to you that detection of the bat-shit craziness (or chiropterafecal lunacy, if you will) of this proposition does not require much thought or intelligence. In fact, if this proposition were not bat-shit crazy, you (you personally) would make your frequent migrations between Brussels and Strasbourg in a horse-drawn buggy on a cobbled road, to the doubtlessly enormously enthusiastic cheers of well-off horse-drawn buggy-makers, road-cobblers, dunnikin divers and leech-farmers. As far as I know, you don't and I would be surprised if you aren't happy you don't.

There are, of course, many other objections to ACTA. Google for them. But isn't its dim-witted and explicit animosity towards reality damning enough?

Ever secretly dreamt of travelling back in time to kill Hitler or Stalin before they ruined what would otherwise have been an exceptionally pleasant century?


Don't make our grandchildren want to do the same to stop ACTA.

Lets try and keep history going in the nicest way possible. For the moment at least. Stop ACTA. Stop ACTA now.

With kind regards,

Frank Sijbenga (Blinde Schildpad), the Netherlands
Twitter: @blindeschildpad


  1. Voor ignoranussen zoals ondergetekende: What is ACTA.
    Okee. Dat is vleermuispoep geschift.

  2. Broertje van Blinde SchildpadJanuary 26, 2012 at 7:21 PM

    Is the phrase 'chiropterafecal lunacy' an original creation covered by your CC license, or can I share the shit out of it without attribution?

    PS: the top e-mail adres doesn't seem to be properly hyperlinked. Could you perhaps put a mailto: on it?

  3. The phrase chiropterafecal lunacy (and its arguably more correct formchiropterofecal lunacy) is hereby released in the public domain!

    Both links work as intended: most email programs don't take kindly to 500+ addresses at once. Copy/paste, good sir, copy/paste.