Saturday, November 5, 2011

White Wilderness

“Nah, that can’t be true, man.”

“Sure it is. Everybody knows that about them. It’s like a yearly thing or something.”

“Sayin’ ain’t knowin’, as they say. Besides, how they keep goin’, then? As a species, like.”

“Come on. I’m not saying they ALL go over. Anyway, they’re like rats: eat everything, fuck everything. There must be millions of them out there!”

 “Well, sounds like perfect bullshit to me. It just don’t make no biological sense. Besides, didn’t they fake it for some movie or somethin’? Put a camera way down low and just push’em off, one after the other. All smilin’ like a motherfucker even, no doubt.”

“There you go again, blaming it on the media. Believe what you got to, dude. Me, I’m going for some roots or sedges.”

“Nah, I’ll just be a minute. Y’all go ahead.”

As the other lemming left, he watched the town down in the valley some more, all bustling and noisy on one of the last days with some sunlight left. It was getting colder, too. Yeah, better get to stockpiling that burrow.


  1. Onnavolgbaar. Publiceerbaar. Naijverbaar.

  2. Dank u! Dank u!

    Met dank aan de Walt Disney Company voor het filmmateriaal vanzelf.

  3. Maar... die Walt Disneyfilm was toch dat die twee lemmingen zaten te praten en dat dan ...?