Saturday, April 2, 2011

5 political paradigms I would like you to consider

1. Hippocracy: government by horses
2. Cryptocracy: government from church basements
3. Mictocracy: government by those with the strongest and/or steadiest flow of urine
4. Nefrocracy: as above, but measured electronically at the kidneys
5. Democracy: government on a 30 day trial basis, after which you can buy a home or commercial license at our website. Student discounts may apply.


  1. I heard there are countries where instead of the most cunning bastard naturally evolving into their leader - a kind of meritocracy as he/she is obviously best suited for the job - they elect a leader by popular vote who then promises to be honest.

    Boy did I have a laugh when I first heard about that one...

    (I admit to be inspired by Terry Pratchett)

  2. But Mike! That's just amazing! At which shops can i buy this amazing product? … What? I don't even have to go to a shop? That's just amazing! … And if I buy a national parliament, I get provincial and municipal representation for just a few €s more? Mike, that's just amazing!