Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Like a moving mist

Look directly into your mind!
When looking it is not seen,
           an abscence of material substance.
Rest loosely within this absence.
Rest free and easy without fixation.

When a thought begins to occur
Recognize it directly
and then rest loosely within that.
It is naturally liberated without a doubt.

Look directly at outer objects!
They are the magical illusion of your own perception.
Without fixating, rest in wathever appears.
In between, let awareness remain freely.

Your thinking is inconcrete like a moving mist.
Do not fixate, let the thinking move on.
Be free from accepting and rejecting
           by recognizing your natural face-
That is called
           'thought arising as arising as meditation'.

-Gyalwa Götsangpa
uit: Empowerment and the Path of Liberation, p. 94